Can Glass Be Replaced in Windows?

When your home windows have become cracked or broken, you can consider replacing the glass. While this can be a do-it-yourself project, you should know that you may have problems with the frame, condensation, or mold. It is also possible that the replacement may not meet building codes. Professional glass replacement companies offer warranties. Warranty covers most glass replacement services. However, this does not cover natural disasters or accidents that damage the glass.


The cost of replacing glass in windows depends on several factors, including the extent of damage and the amount of money you’re willing to spend. Depending on your budget and the level of damage to the window frame, you could spend $300 to $880, while replacing a full window can run you around $300 to $500. Luckily there are our glass replacement experts to help.


Getting replacement glass for your windows is a good idea if you notice that they’re foggy or broken. Replacing the glass in windows can also improve energy efficiency, reduce noise, and preserve the historical integrity of an older home. Before replacing the glass, you’ll want to inspect the sashes, the wooden frames that surround the opening. If you find minor cracks, they’re likely nothing to worry about.

Time frame

Replacing the glass in your window is a relatively inexpensive way to improve the quality of your home, lower energy costs, and provide UV protection. Not to mention that it’s relatively easy to maintain. And while this renovation may not raise your home’s value, you’ll be happier knowing that you have a new window in place. If you’ve been thinking about replacing the glass in your window, here are some tips to keep in mind:

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There are a variety of materials for replacing glass in windows. The most common material is glass, which is known to have the longest life when not subjected to impact. However, window glass is exposed to high impacts and strong winds, and other materials are a better option. For example, acrylic sheets are up to 15 times stronger than glass, and are safe to install and can withstand earthquakes. These materials can also be installed easily without the need for special tools.

Repair options

Damage to the glass of your windows or doors can compromise the thermal integrity of the entire pane. A simple crack can grow into a major problem if the weather changes quickly. Even impact-resistant windows can be damaged, and you may need to replace the glass to prevent it from shattering. However, if the damage is minor, you can often make repairs to the glass to keep it in place for a few more years.


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